1. How will I know what kind of day my child had?
2. How do you Group Children?
3. What are the Qualifications of Teachers?

All of our head teachers have a Masters in Early Childhood Education and are certified in Early Childhood Education. Head teachers in the infant / toddler rooms may have a degree in Early Childhood Education or in a different field such as Elementary Educaiton, Psychology, English, Theater). Above all, we seek teachers with experience and passion to be in this field.

All staff members undergo a comprehensive background check (such as federal clearance for fingerprinting, medical exam, reference checks, scr clearance, child abuse training, cpr / first aid, etc...) On an ongoing basis, our staff work closely with each other and the program director to develope lesson plans.

Chubbybaby Preschool also provides continuing in-service training and enables teams of teachers to attend conferences and workshops to bring back the latest in concepts, methods, and materials. Our staff meetings with the educational director serve as one of the most important training and resource gathering periods for our teachers.

4. What is the Teacher Student Ratio?

The teacher and student ratio in our school generally 1:8. All classrooms have a qualified early childhood educator leading the class and an experienced assistant teacher. In addition to these two primary teachers, we have floaters that “float” from classroom to classroom when there is a need for additional help.

5. Do you accommodate allergies and dietary restrictions?

Our food is always dairy-free, egg-free, and gluten-free, and we accommodate customers allergic to nuts, seafood, and soy. We also support the following animal protein preferences: no smoked meats, no beef, and no pork. The full list of allergens and preferences we accommodate include:

Dairy (all meals)

Wheat / Gluten (all meals)

Eggs (all meals)


Tree nuts


We will be expanding our support for allergens and preferences in the future.

6. What kind of Hot Lunch Program do you provide?
7. How frequently are Toys and Classroom Sanitized?